Friday, September 23, 2016

Solo September -- FINISH

A Big Shout Out to Justine and Solo September  I have finished my project.  Started January 2013 in an Ultimate Crazy Cross Stitch Challenge.

This is the first project I have actually added all the beads.  There are 44 little red beads on the trees, 11 beads on the large stars and 2 black beads for eyes.  Now I know this may not seem to a lot of beads, because so many of you amazing stitchers add hundreds of beads, but this was my real first attempt and I am so proud of me.

So excited I was able to Finish this - I know this is a direct result of my commitment to Justine's Solo September (link above). 

I have also finished this with left over September Stitching Time - I am going to try to stitch up a couple little things before October 1.   

Friday, September 16, 2016

Its 1979 and Jo was 13 -- And I was 26

1979 - Jo was 13.  This was the year of holidays for Jo!  She went on an adventure holiday to Wales with the school where she went pony trekking and tried archery.  Then she went on holiday with her Grandparents.  Neither had been well and it was felt they needed someone with them in case of emergencies!  They stayed in a caravan in Cornwall and Jo was thoroughly spoiled by them.  Anyone with sibling will understand the freedom of time away and being The Only One.   Later in the summer Jo's family stayed in a caravan in Sussex.  A short break in a Derbyshire Youth Hostel with the school completed the year.  The school holidays were heavily subsidised to allow children from deprived areas a chance to experience things they might not have done otherwise.  Like ponies!

In 1979  I was recently divorced with two boys, 4 and 2, hardly making ends meet and living with my parents... I just started a brand new job - it was an amazing opportunity for growth and it was a great fit for me - I AM STILL THERE!.  I was finally making $150.00 a week (seriously that was the deal) and I was able to move out of my parents home and rent a place with one of my closest friends.  I actually even owned a car.  It was pretty amazing what I could do with $150.00 a week, and two kids, and still feel rich. Writing this little memory reminded me, the best times of my life often were when I had the least.

Selecting the stitching piece to share was a struggle, let me tell you.  So I had to go with Halloween. And I had to pick two.  

This is from Pine Mountain This is a one nighter.  And the only little bit of cuteness (?)  is the spider.  I think this would make a great scrap book page - 

It's Halloween, The Drawn Thread.  I fell in love with this witch. She really is green with purple hair.  

The chart actually does not end after the witch. But I ended it here.  Well there really isn't much fabric left under the witch. And, I really don't ever believe I have to follow the chart exactly ever.  There is a picture below showing the whole chart.

Have a wonderful, wonderful day, Jo. Seriously for me, life gets better with each decade.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

New Update Solo September

Here is my latest update on my Solo September piece - this is a great event hosted by Justine  .. She is super great at organizing these One At A Time Stitch alongs.

This has been stitching up quicker than I thought it would, and I really believe it will be finished by the end of the month.  This is Silent Night Cardinals by Stoney Creek

I have spent some of my time organizing all of my WIPS.  I have joined a Facebook Group called the Soulful Stitching Sisters and the admin has organized a Year of Wips challenge - from October 1 - December 2017.  I am using my membership in this group to try to finish some of these WIPS of long ago - I started for a special reason, and even though my stitching tastes have changed over time, these are still the ones I want to finish 

This is one of those challenges I think so many of the members are posting videos - but I am not there yet - so I am adding my pictures.  I have updated my blog pages to reflect this challenge and we will see how it goes.  I do  have some personal goals - and they do not include turning all of my WIPS into finishes.

Have a wonderful day.  

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A couple of Wedding Photos and A Solo September Update

Tuesday September 6 

So the wedding is over.  I am so very happy, It was a beautiful day, My daughter is crazy happy. The last few months have been packed full of DRAMA.  But all is good.  I have added only a few of the many pictures taken

Three Generations, Me, my daughter and my grand baby.  She is very happy her mommy and daddy are getting married.
And the dress is on.  The petticoat is misbehaving, so my daughter and me are making some last minute adjustments.

Most of the brides maids - once is missing - last minute shoe purchase, Left to Right Maid of Honor (daughter), Daughter #4, followed by daughter #1 and my niece.  Of course my granddaughter steals the show.

Bride and Groom - the reception is about over when this picture was taken.  It was a wonderful evening.

Silent Cardinals - Solo September - 1st update.
 Monday was a holiday - I took the opportunity to relax and Stitch - so I did get quite a bit done on Cardinal #1.  I hope I can continue at this rate and get this project finished before the end of September.

My dress was on sale - it was a great bargain, I will be able to wear it again and again and it was very comfortable.

The wedding was a crazy party.  My son in law is from Jamaica and his family is so much fun.  Looking forward to many more family events.

Theresa loved her little picture holder for her bouquet I have to get a better picture of my little pouch to post.  It was a success.