Thursday, August 25, 2016

Last Thursday of August 2016

Where did August go?  It's the last Thursday of the month and it is the day we share our monthly Smalls over at Stitching Lotus

Here is my Small for August.  This is one I completed for the Olympic Stitching Challenge in the Stitch Mania Facebook Group.  I enjoyed this SAL and would do it again.

So here are the rest of the projects for the challenge

August 15 was stitch White, and August 19 was silver.  I worked on the same project on both these days.  I was going to do this project for my daughter for her wedding - but it's not going to happen.  I hope to complete this and give it to her for Christmas - The dress is DMC Sparkly5200 one strand and one Strand of a sparkly Silver kreinik.
The red bow will be yellow and I am only doing the dress.

I did not stitch on Tuesday August 16 - it was wheel.  But I did work on Celtic Beauty again on August 17th it was Gold.  I was excited to pull this out again to work on because I do not want this to be a WIP anymore.
August 18 was Music or Patriotic so I pulled out Samples Not Forgotten Music Amongst the trees.

Next up was August 20 -Fire or Flames and 8/21 Copper or Bronze.  I started and worked on the JBW Choo ChooTrain.  I figure this is a very old train, so I know it used coal for fuel, and there was a fire going in the engine.  I change the color of the engine and the finally car before the caboose to DMC 921, which is copper.  That was the end of the SAL.  

My daughter asked me for her wedding day to find a special picture of her dad, so she can clip it to her bouquet as she walks down the aisle.  Her dad died of cancer several years ago.  I have the picture and I was trying to figure out how to attach it and I decided to make this little bag and put it in there and attach the little bag.  This is on 40 ct Mello.  This is half of a design from Rosewood Manor.  This chart was a gift I received while attending a Stitching Retreat.  I changed all the colors - the flowers are yellow and purple - the Wedding colors.  I love this quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson.  I have a very hard time with all the wedding samplers out there - for personal reasons, but I love this message and I think it is good advice to share with my daughter and future SIL.  This is very small, the verse will be hard to read - but it will work I hope.  

What lies behind us, and what lies before us, are small matters compared to what lies within us.  

Monday, August 15, 2016

Olympic Challenge

It has been a crazy August so far, Summer Weather, Work and Family have all contributed into making this a great summer and one filled with great memories.

However, I have found less time to stitch, and even less time to blog or post about the stitching.

I joined the Stitch Maynia Olympic Stitching SAL. I have been able to do most of the daily stitching, but the posting of the progress has not happened. Instead I am posting it here.

New Start 1 - I worked on this piece August 5 (Stitch blue), and 10th Specialty stitches.

This is Music Amongst the trees - Samplers Not Forgotten - Not sure if you can see this picture but there are Blue stitches in the band across the top and Rice Stitches at the bottom.  I love stitching on this - first experience with Gloriana  Silks. Its a treat. I was able to complete a lot of this on Day 1, I know very little blue, but - I worked on this Friday night at my Stitchers Retreat Every Other Month !st Friday Night Stitch in,so it was about 5 hours of stitching time.

Day 2 - International Theme - I finished La D Da Peace on Earth.  I sort of looked at this a little different figured Internationally we could all work on Peace. (Very happy)

August 7 (yellow), August 9 (black) and August 11 (green).  This was a New Start I was able to finish working on this for three days.  Glory Bee's Free Summer Chart

I did not stitch August 8, Water or August 12 Triathalon - three pieces  ( I did not stitch at all either of these two days.

August 13 (red) and August 14 Equestrian - I started and finished JBW Hobby Horse - I did this as a Christmas Ornament - I stitched this with Sulky threads Blendables Vintage Holidays.  This was a 12 weight - so one strand is the same as 2 - it is a very different feel.  But I really liked this thread and bought it on a whim and just had to use it.  I would be picky about what I would stitch with these threads because of the look and feel, but I do like it.

So I haven't decided what I am working on from this day forward.  But I am sure I will find something.

The Wedding quickly approaches for DD#3.  I really need to get a dress - I haven't even looked and the wedding is September 3.

Guess I really should stitch some sort of Wedding Sampler?  Maybe?

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Small SAL July and other Stitching News

Here is my Small for July.  Ink Circles - Just CrossStitch Christmas Preview issue 2016.  I did this in the DMC colors and I just love this.  My kids are going to laugh when they see this - they always tease me because my trees are so tiny -- This is so perfect for me.  Thank you Heather at Stitching Lotus

Extra Extra:  My LNS has announced their 2017 Retreat.  I am so excited!!!!Simply Spooky (Designer Isi Abbatti Primitive Hare)   The 10th of March 2017.  I am putting my deposit down very soon.  I can't wait to see what she has planned.  I love my LNS.

Speaking of wish, I visited her today.  Just went to chat with the owner, Jan, and of course pick up some new stuff.  I rarely share my purchases, because I am off the hook when it comes to chart purchasing but today, why not.  I hope you can see them - Road Trip by Bent Creek, 3th of july bird by Heart in Hand - Saw this one over on Carols Stitching Dream  and I ordered it right away, and it arrived.  Also there is the New Reflections of Scotland - Ink Circles - have ordered the fibers - and really want to do this one, and last but so special by Samplers Not Forgotten - Tis Near Halloween, and it has my favorite - When witches go Riding !

Two more finishes - This little frog is from the SAL KLT Charting  I am doing these as single frogs - no lily pads - This little guy is on Silkweavers Solo 32 ct luguna - 1 x 1.  with Fiberlicious Yummy Fibers Midnight Forest.  Not sure if I will do all these frogs - but I really do like frogs at night when camping while they are croaking.  These frogs are a great way for me to try out some of my new threads from Fiberlicious and Jodyri Designs

And then there is my Summer Sampler.  Love it, and now I just have to create the wall hanging for my daughter by August 1.  I am so excited.  This is one of my favorite things I stitched this year even though it has some French Knots ---- And I did make them - they are all different sizes and a little off.  Thank you Floss Tube for doing your best to help me master.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Surprises and Stitching

Last Sunday I did a very small favor for a friend.   And she was so kind to bring me a gift.  I am a lover of beer.  The best beer (my opinion only) can be found at small independently owned craft breweries.  These little breweries are popping up all over Central New York.  Here is a picture of my newest favorite, thanks to my best beer loving friend.
  Here is a link to the brewery, Crafty Ales and Largers.  The beer was great, but the little Growler is even better.  Check out the little Witches Hat (how perfect, witches are my favorite) on the refillable Growler - on the back it says "Put a Little Magic in your Mouth".  Seriously this made my.  The sign is a quote from Benjamin Franklin that sits on the counter in my kitchen.  

I have one stitching update to share.  I have enjoyed working on this one so much, I did not want to stitch on anything else.. And I was so sure I would never be able to join in  Justines - Just one In July, and I guess I could have..  I am so close to being finished now. I love the colors.  This is going to be a gift - for my daughters (#3 and #4) to display in their home, so I will have to finish it.  Like all the way.  Nervous already about that.

I have found flosstube - well I knew it was there, but I had not watched it much - but know I sort of am watching it a lot.  It is very addicting - but very enjoyable.  I am watching it on my TV, So I get a great view of all the videos and am amazed.  Totally amazed.

One small note - my political, global note for the day - France.  Sadness, Anger, Strength.