Friday, February 24, 2017

Small SAL Check In February

It is the day to share our Small Sal at Stitching Lotus

Here he is.  He is a combination of two different motives I found in Cross Stitch and Needlework March 2009, while I was stitching my Easter Basket.  He is really very small.  I have blogged in the past about the crazy St. Patrick's Celebrations in my city - Syracuse New York.  The green beer arrives at the local Irish Pub on Tipp Hill.  In fact here in Syracuse we call it Green Beer Sunday  

And I just couldn't post about St Pats Day without mentioning again our Upside Down Traffic Light

If the weather is decent on Green Beer Sunday you will not even be able to drive the streets of Tipp Hill.  I will not be attending, but will celebrate at home, a little food coloring will do the trick.  

It is on to March Madness - for the States it is the Month of Crazy College Basketball ( I am a huge fan) and now my stitching will be crazy too.  Will post again next week with March Stitching plans.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Successful Stitching February

Focus on a Finish in February Theme-tas-stitch 2017

Success - Here is my Easter Egg Finish.  I had a bunch of extra stitching time this month - I came down with something I couldn't shake, and was out of work for three days.  I really to love it when I am too sick for work, but not too sick to stitch.  This is one of the first projects I started on evenweave, I think I started this sometime after March 2009 - this is the issue of Cross Stitch and Needlework this chart appeared in. The designer is Ursula Michaels.  This is one of my Year Of Wips projects - 8 completed now.  Working on these older projects is wearing on me of late - so I am going to switch gears for the month of March.  The theme for March Madness - stitch on many many things, so I am going to start a few of the "bigger projects" on my Want To Do List.

This next finish is a freebie - Elizabeth Designs, given to me at my LNS.  It is totally stitched from stash - the fabric - you can't tell I think is 14 count Minty Green aida.  Oh my goodness, I have had this aida a very long time.  The thread is from Fiberlicious Yummy Fibers It is called Berry Bouquet.  Living with the stripes, the colors are really do look like Spring to me.

Then I started and Finished Luck be With you, HomeSpun.  This was in my stash just waiting for me.  Have a couple more February New Starts, I hope to have finished before the Small Sal check in on Friday.  I hope to be able to share my plans for March Madness at that time.  

March is my Stitchers Retreat.  Looking forward to meeting Isabella from the  Primitive Hare and enjoying an All About Me Weekend.

Friday, January 27, 2017

1st Small Post 2017

So here is my first small finish of the year.
If you would like to join this wonderful SAL please visit Stitching Lotus.  It's a wonderful way to visit some great stitching blogs too.

 Yes, I found this potholder in my stash - I bet I have had it for 20 years.  And this little Gingerbread dude can be found in a very old Leisure Arts Magazine.  January was a great month to stitch from Stash.  I am having too much fun digging through my old stuff.  I am also happy, I have a fully finished object too!

I am Focusing on a Finish In February.  Please click on the link and travel to  Theme-Tas-Stitch 2017 SAL.  I loved the monthly stitching themes, so I signed right up.

I have two finishes in my WIP - these are also two things I want to finish for my FaceBook Year of WIP Challenge. So in February I will be stitching on - Ursula Michaels Easter Basket and Papillion Creations Celtic Beauty.

I started Easter in 2012 and Celtic in 2013.  I go to visit my grandkids each morning before school and to get them on the bus for their mom - I have about 1 hour to spar while I am there, so I bring stitching - Celtic Beauty will travel with me - It is a great travel stitch.  It would be wonderful if I could finish both of these - but I have not one true Easter design and so few Spring Designs I really would like to be able to display this finish before Easter 2017.  I will be pushing it.

End of Stitching.  And I just have a few pictures to show you from the March On Washington.  Hats off to all of the Sister Marches - Double Hats off to all of those International Women who also marched in their support.  I marched for the women who wanted to be there and could not - I am in no means suggesting all women felt the need to march.
Women from Canada were there - I ask permission to post picture

Women from Chicago were there - permission given to post this picture

The sign we carried - my friend, sister, friends daughter and niece

March on Washington 1/20/2017 I am in this picture with the yellow

The flip side of our sign.
This march was Empowering. And I believe this experience has changed my life.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

January 12, 2017

January Stitching for me has been wonderful   I have been blessed with some extra free time and I have been able to get a couple more finishes.  The first up is the Hands On Design Year of Chalk January.  And I did not do this on the suggested fabric and floss.  I think this fabric is platinum and the colors are Hazelnut and Navy - I think Weeks - I wanted this completed before the end of January and after finishing the Woodland Sampler I just couldn't work on the Gunmetal Fabric - to give it that Chalkboard look.  So here it is

I now only have July and August and all months will be done - accept February - I don't do Valentine stuff - just a personal choice.  But I am stitching - Freedom by Primitive Hare to display for the month of February representing Black History Month.  (I am in the US)  This is in my stash (yes Stitch from Stash 2017).  I am changing the color of her dress to a red.  It represents more the color of the cost of  Freedom.

Speaking of American Freedom - I have finished Liberty House - Started back in 1993 when this house represented my house and family - long story short - things change - and this got set aside. for 23 years.  As you can see - I only did the house - I inserted the picture of where I was in October 2017 and what the chart does look like. when year of wips started.  I only put six stars on the roof - one for each of the kids - and for the EST. I stitched my birth year.   This makes 7 WIP finishes for the year of WIPS Challenge - but I picked the easiest ones to complete first.

I am traveling to Washington D.C. to march - I have mentioned that I think in the last post.  I am getting very excited. A little nervous.  Of course, its an 8 hour drive, on a bus, with a group of  "Nasty Women".