Sunday, May 21, 2017

Theme-Tas-Stitch May is Monochrome

This is my Monochrome May stitching.  I am following a wonderful Monthly Themed Stitch Along Theme-Tas_Stitch sponsored by Kelly over at Ranblings of a Biscornu Addict.  I have one small project to share.  But let me tell you.

It was a little bit of a challenge, and was super glad I stitched this with Orange - so bright - it was very easy to rip out over and over and over again.

UGH!.  What I have learned.  I need patience to do this hardanger stitching.  This is a floss tube video Hardanger  Along I am doing on line with Stitching With A Smile   And Yes I should have done the tutorials she has provided for all of us first.  But she is a wonderful instructor.  Amazing.

I am so use to adjusting for all of my mistakes in my cross stitching this was a bit of a challenge.  I still somewhere have made a little mistake, but I swear I am not taking this out again.  Just going with the flow.

But this is me doing one of my goals - Learn new Stitches - for 2017.  I know I will be stitching more things like this because, I am sure once I get this figured out I will love it.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Too many events, no time for stitching

This past week has been too crazy busy for me.  One Grandson with his Cello concert (the instrument is almost as big as him) and car repairs and another Grandson's Senior Prom.  Worked all day Saturday and Mother's Day Sunday - well what I am trying to point out here, is there was very little time for me to stitch.  So I worked on one project from the year of wips challenge. I actually restarted this on new fabric, that I love.
  This is my restart of Touching the Autumn Sky by Mirabilia.  Since I really do love this chart, I am so very happy I am back in love with stitching it.  It is amazing what the "right" fabric can do for my desire to stitch a project.

And in the World of Not Stitching.  Here is a picture of my oldest grandson and his date for the Senior Ball.

And this is a picture of me, a very proud grandmother, feeling very short.

Grandkids grow up faster than your own kids.  

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Raining for Three Days -- Snow forecast for this week

Seriously.  This messes with your mood.  Or at least it messes with mine.  However, I did take this as an opportunity to Spring Clean a tiny, tiny bit.

I rearranged the furniture and my cat is freaking out.

My stitching has bounced around this first week of May.  There is all this hubbub on FB because it is the month of Stitch Maynia.  I do believe, in some way, this has affected my May stitching so far.

I worked a little on Woneta - just the grass and the beginning of the Candy Corn.

Worked more on Music Among the Trees - I really do not like to stitch upwards.  I have reached the top with the A.
 Here is a very faded picture of how it should look when finished.  I really have to spend more time editing these photos.  Both of these pieces are part of my Year of Wips Challenge - both of these I would like to finish during this challenge

I have examined my WIP pile once again.   I tried to figured out why I never had the desire to finish these projects.  Two reasons - I discovered a mistake and would have to frog a great deal, or I did not like the fabric choice.  So I am actually re starting several of them.  

I do have a finish.  My project from the Spring A Stitchers Garden Retreat with the Primitive Hare. Here is my Wicked Doll.  This will be finished into a small bag - There is another piece, a small pumpkin all stitched in Algerian Stars.  This will be the apron for the Doll.  I hope to have both of these pieces Fully Finished before October 2017.
Two side notes  My sister (62) got married this week - long time partner.  She wants to retire early as her job is going to lose funding this year - you know our new administration, and she needs health care coverage - you know our new administration.  I am sure she will be very happy being married, But I know she was also very happy not being married.

And I have now only 4 months left to work.  I am hoping once I retire, I will finally have the time to figure out just who I really am.

Friday, April 28, 2017

It's Almost May

It is almost May.  We have had wonderful weather.  I can honestly say, I am loving this Spring - and it is my very least favorite time of the year.  

Baseball is Back.  And it is so easy to stitch with baseball in the background.  It is the last Friday of the month.  Its Sharing Day for  Small SAL Hosted by Stitching Lotus 

I am stitching 12 days of Christmas this year and April 4 Calling Birds.  Jo over at Serendipitous Stitching shared this great link about this song and all the different versions and all about these birds.  It is a great read and you may find out, you really do know the words.

I also broke out two of my 2017 WIPS.  Autumn Bell Pull by Stoney Creek.  I have stitched these designs since my early stitching days and they feel like home to me,  I still subscribe to this magazine and find something in every issue that appeals to me.

 I also stitched a little on my granddaughter's Woodland Animals Stocking.  I will have no problem getting this one finished on time.

So Baseball ball update, my team is now losing 9-1.  But it's not over yet.

Have a great weekend