Thursday, January 12, 2017

January 12, 2017

January Stitching for me has been wonderful   I have been blessed with some extra free time and I have been able to get a couple more finishes.  The first up is the Hands On Design Year of Chalk January.  And I did not do this on the suggested fabric and floss.  I think this fabric is platinum and the colors are Hazelnut and Navy - I think Weeks - I wanted this completed before the end of January and after finishing the Woodland Sampler I just couldn't work on the Gunmetal Fabric - to give it that Chalkboard look.  So here it is

I now only have July and August and all months will be done - accept February - I don't do Valentine stuff - just a personal choice.  But I am stitching - Freedom by Primitive Hare to display for the month of February representing Black History Month.  (I am in the US)  This is in my stash (yes Stitch from Stash 2017).  I am changing the color of her dress to a red.  It represents more the color of the cost of  Freedom.

Image result for freedom primitive hare

Speaking of American Freedom - I have finished Liberty House - Started back in 1993 when this house represented my house and family - long story short - things change - and this got set aside. for 23 years.  As you can see - I only did the house - I inserted the picture of where I was in October 2017 and what the chart does look like. when year of wips started.  I only put six stars on the roof - one for each of the kids - and for the EST. I stitched my birth year.   This makes 7 WIP finishes for the year of WIPS Challenge - but I picked the easiest ones to complete first.

I am traveling to Washington D.C. to march - I have mentioned that I think in the last post.  I am getting very excited. A little nervous.  Of course, its an 8 hour drive, on a bus, with a group of  "Nasty Women".

Thursday, January 5, 2017

And we Begin Again 2017

I started the year with another Finish One Hundred Years.  Started in March 2015 and Finished January 1, 2017.  And this was one of the hardest projects I have ever finished.

There are so many mistakes - the letters are all messed up.  And I frogged so many times, I finally stopped and just thought - you have two choices, 1.  Throw this piece away or 2.  Read it - and if you can understand what it is saying, then just finish it.

I picked the 2nd choice.  I believe I have not mixed up any letters, or misspelled the words.  I hated this fabric and the browns (there are two different) look so close to me, I kept using the wrong one.

But 100  years from now, it will not matter the threads are messed up, the letters are the wrong sizes, some of the m's are different, there are too many, or too few spaces between the words - They will just know I survived the stitching of this piece and went on to have many more wonderful stitching finishes I loved.

My 2017 goals are 

1.  To post every month in the Small Sal I joined.

2.  To stay within my stash project.

3.  To finish 10 more projects in my Year of WIPs challenge, and to finish the year with 10 or less WIPs.  However, I may decided some of these WIPS will never be Finish and send them off to wherever all those Never to Be Finished by Original Starting Stitcher Go.

4.  To create 12 new Gingerbread Ornaments/decorations for the 2017 Holiday Season.

On a side note I am planning on attending One Million Woman March in Washington D.C. on January 20th.  Fingers crossed the weather is pleasant.  This is on my bucket list - to be in D.C. for on  inauguration day.  I feel very strongly about the future of my beloved Country and as the mom of 4 daughters - well enough sad.

Happy Sttching. 

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Final Post of 2016

This is my final Small for the Small Sal over at Stitching Lotus  Special Shout out to Heather for hosting this wonderful SAL.  I explored the world of Small Charts in 2016 and had so many wonderful finishes.  This was a freebie from my LNS. It is an Ursula Michael's chart.

I have my two final finishes for 2016.  This is a JBW design - It is still missing the tiny little wheels for the engine and caboose - I am going to try to get them and sew them on this weekend
I started this in August for an Olympic challenge and I included it my Year of WIPs

And Woodland Peace is also finished.  Started this in January 2013 for Debbie's Ultimate Crazy CrossSttich Challenge. Included in my Year of Wips and I am so happy it is complete.  I will not be stitching on dark fabric for a bit.  This was a struggle.  But I have wanted to stitch this since 1990 so it is certainly a happy dance.  I have no real plans for 2017 - accept finishing some WIPS and having new starts. Have a wonderful 1st day of the New Year.

Friday, December 16, 2016

2016 Nutcrackers I Did It! 2017 Goals

I have Completed one of my 2016 Goals.  I never complete goals by the first projected time so I am totally excited.  Here is the last one finished - Just Cross Stitch  Nov/Dec 2012 - He is one of four, I may some day to the other three, but not sure.  I changed him, he is brown.  If you look at the rest of the pictures in this post, you will see all of my FFO Nutcrackers  I did try to display them all in the same picture too.  Please note the tiny ones are hanging on my Christmas Cup Stand, but they really are on my tiny little tree.

After I inventoried my stash, I have dropped out of the New Start a Week in the facebook group hosted by Soulful Stitchers.  I am committing myself to finish my old WIPS, I had a wonderful year finishing at least 95% of the things I started, and also knocked off a few old ones.  I personally feel I had a successful year.

So for 2017 Goals:  12 Gingerbreads, Small SAL 2017, YEAR OF WIP Challenge - finish 7 of those WIPS (total finished 50% of what I started with)

I of course will have lots of other new starts - but I would rather stitch from stash, and finish my older wips than start 52 new ones.

Hope you are enjoying this festival time of year, whatever your reason is for, it really is all about Peace, Kindness, and Sharing - what you have with those who have less.